MTC Members Rewards

Our main goal at MTC - Mercury Twin Cinemas is to keep our prices within affordable limits for our community.

Visitors from around the country can not BELIEVE the cheap prices of our tickets and at our Candy Bar!


Well, they are about to become even cheaper!


Sign up to our MTC-Rewards programme and you can buy cheaper loyalty tickets for ANY session, ANY day.


MTC - Individual Membership

$20 a year - 15 renewal. 

Adults - member tickets $14

Students - member tickets $11

Children - member tickets $10

Seniors - member tickets $10


With an individual membership you can buy 1 loyalty ticket per session every day. 


MTC - Family Membership

$30- a year, $20 renewal.

A family membership allows up to 2 adult and 2 children or 2 Senior loyalty tickets to be bought each session.


Members will also have access to special promotions and preview screenings.


To sign up, click HERE